Stone milling our own grains means we can keep all the germ, bran, nutrients, and fiber. One of our goals starting this micobakery was to get as “from-scratch-baking” as we possibly could. ⁣

Stone milling allows us to source organic ancient grains from BC and mill them ourselves just before starting our dough. ⁣Since we’re using ancient grains we decided to also stick to the ancient way of milling and preserving the grains the way nature intended. ⁣The low heat of the stone mill and the way it mills keeps the vitamin rich part of the kernel instead of removing it like commercial roller mills do.

Stone ground flour keeps the germ, inner bran and outer bran, keeping the nutrients and fiber where roller mills toss all that aside. The way that the bran gets flaked by a stone mill is said to be gentler on the digestive system too. The milling process adds a few hours to each day but we think it’s worth it. ⁣⁣