“The greatest thing since sliced bread is old-fashioned bread”

Thanks @scottmcinnis for sharing this article with us! It’s such a great explanation of what we’re trying to accomplish at Bread & Butter Kimberley and we’re always excited to hear about other bakers around Canada making amazing fresh bread and starting that process with freshly stone milled flour. Check out the article here: https://business.financialpost.com/news/retail-marketing/the-greatest-thing-since-sliced-bread-is-old-fashioned-bread https://youtu.be/CRX4rB6a4-Y

Stone milled grains

Stone milling our own grains means we can keep all the germ, bran, nutrients, and fiber. One of our goals starting this micobakery was to get as "from-scratch-baking" as we possibly could. ⁣ Stone milling allows us to source organic ancient grains from BC and mill them ourselves just before starting our dough. ⁣Since we're… Continue reading Stone milled grains

Sourdough is a lifestyle

If you've ever kept your own starter nice and healthy you know it's a daily job of feeding, checking the weather, maintaining a good temperature and "listening" to it's nuances, and coming to love its funky smell. If you know absolutely nada about a sourdough starter it is simply flour and water with fresh flour… Continue reading Sourdough is a lifestyle