Bread & Butter Kimberley

Located right in Kimberley, BC, we converted our garage into a full on bakery where we can mill our own grains. We source all Organic BC grains, the more ancient the better. We mill each day before baking so there’s only the freshest flour. From the milling, the long sourdough fermentation, hand mixing and shaping, our bread takes three days to make.

About Our Bakers

Dan McInnis grew up in Ontario and took his chef training in Thunder Bay. After years of cooking on the line he decided to try making sourdough bread. It started as a way to elevate the charcuterie platter when he was working at Tomiln, where he was trying to find his niche. After the first few loaves and tending to his sourdough starter diligently  he realized bread needed to be his main focus. When he moved out to Kimberley The Kimberley Centex Market gave him a job right away. He kept honing his skills there for over two years and was finally ready to take the leap to have his own small scale bakery, Bread & Butter Kimberley.

Samantha Najarro grew up in Ontario and went through all kinds of jobs before becoming a baker. With helpful coaching from Dan she was able to take her home baking skills to a commercial kitchen. She loves making butter, pies, scones, and Dan’s salted caramel cinnamon buns!