Welcome to Bread & Butter

We’re a family-run bakery nestled in the sunny mountains of Kimberley, BC.

We specialize in artisanal sourdough bread and mouthwatering baked goods — all made with the highest-quality ingredients, a commitment to sustainable local food systems, and a whole lot of love.

We’re located at the one set of lights in Kimberley — 300 Wallinger Avenue.
Our shop is open from 8:00am until 3:00pm, Thursday through Saturday.

We only use freshly-milled flour from organic ancient grains in everything we make.

In other words?

Our flour is alive. Our flavours are superior. And everything that comes out of our kitchen is deeply nutritious.

We love what we do —
and we’re so excited to serve you.

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Flour. Water. Salt.

Nothing more, nothing less. We work with the very best of these three simple ingredients to create sourdough bread that is rustic, nourishing, and absolutely delicious.

Baking bread is an ancient science and a sacred art. Our resident bread expert Dan has spent more than a decade mastering these two aspects — and it results in gorgeous loaves and baguettes that are unparalleled in their flavour and quality.

Our bread is uncomplicated yet sophisticated, just as it should be.

If you ask us, a loaf of bread is the most important thing in your kitchen: it’s the most soulful comfort food there is.

Maybe it’s with your quiet morning coffee while you’re contemplating the day ahead, or with your favourite cheese and a bottle of good wine, celebrating with your people.

When you break bread, you’re participating in a centuries-old ritual of connection.

And for that, friend, you deserve the very best.

Indulgent, yet wholesome. 

We make all our treats from scratch — using only premium ingredients, and never any additives or preservatives. Organic flour that’s freshly milled from nutrient-dense whole grains and gorgeous in-season fruit are two fundamental elements in all our baked goods.

We’re passionate about building good relationships with local farmers and suppliers. That means not only are our treats made with sustainably-grown ingredients whenever possible, they’re also delicious little components of an environmentally respectful food system.

From our wildly-popular salted chocolate rye cookies (we can barely hang onto them before they fly out the door!), to our delightful hand-pies and rustic fruit scones, everything we bake is a luxurious treat — but won’t spike your glucose levels. We’re all about the wholesome satisfaction that comes from good food that’s grown well, sourced ethically, and made with care.

Learn more about the grains we use here.

Meet Sam and Dan (and Charlie!) — the owners and lead bakers behind Bread & Butter Kimberley.

Today, we’re a thriving team of dedicated foodies in downtown Kimberley, BC — but we have beautifully humble beginnings.

It all started when this husband-and-wife team converted their lilac-flanked garage into a commercial bakery in 2017.

For a while they baked at home, selling bread at the local farmer’s market and delivering loaves to local doorsteps on Sam’s courier bike — in sun, rain, or snow!

Later, we moved into our first little storefront in the heart of town, where Sam made treats while Dan continued to bake our bread in the garage. Then they brought little Charlie into the mix!

In Spring 2022, we moved to our wonderful current location — right across the street from the first spot, and quite a bit bigger. We closed the garage bakery so that Sam & Dan can bake side-by-side — just like they always dreamed of! — and we’re creating more goodies for your family than ever before. We try our best to foster a work environment that’s healthy, mindful, and fun, and as close to zero-waste as possible.

Like Sam always says, “Hard work is love made visible.” We pour our hearts into our microbakery — and we think you can taste it. 

Learn more about us here.

We love making new friends!

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This makes the perfect little present for a birthday, a “congratulations,” or just because. Our gift cards are completely digital, so that you can send them to your lucky someone no matter where you’re located.


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